03 Greedo Brings Psychedelic Vibes In Newest track, “Substance” Featuring Wiz Khalifa.

03 Greedo brings the psychedelic vibes with his newest track, “Substance (We Woke Up) Featuring Wiz Khalifa.

03 Greedo brings the psychedelic vibes with his newest track, “Substance (We Woke Up).” The track is a remix of the original “Substance” that was released in 2018. But the addition of fellow drug aficionado, Wiz Khalifa, brings the track to its fullest tripped out potential.

Even after being sentenced to 20 years in prison in July 2018, 03 Greedo hasn’t stopped releasing music. As a matter of fact, his fanbase has only grown. After releasing a collab album with Kenny Beats (Netflix Deal) and a solo album, “Still Summer In The Projects,” both in 2019, he has shown no sign of slowing down. With a series of singles released in 2020, the Southern California native’s 2021 is gearing up to be a productive year with this newest track.

“Substance (We Woke Up)” features a slowed-down production with guitar riffs and bongos providing the perfect vibe. Produced by Beat Boy and Thank You Fizzle, 03 Greedo sings and croons about his favorite substances. He sings on the hook,

“We woke up / Intoxicated off of all types of drugs / I’m never sober each time I’m in love / I need some type of drugs.

Wiz Khalifa joins in on the intoxication and lays down his verse about a lucky night filled with smoking and drinking. He raps,

“Too much gin, lotta smoke / She a fan, I’m a GOAT / Smell the kush on my clothes.”

An official lyric video was released with the track, and the mixture of Wiz’s verse, 03 Greedo’s croons, and the interactive “trip” that is the “video creates the perfect drug ballad. 03 Greedo’s ode to his favorite legal and illegal substances is definitely a solid track for any stoner’s rotation. #FreeGreedo

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