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A. Paj Turner “The Emancipation of Limits”

Author and military veteran A. Paj Turner (Rich Turner) was born and raised on Chicago’s south side. Turner, at the age of 19, joined the United States Navy. Where he spent 8 years before transferring to the U.S Army.

Once in the Army and after several years of dedication. Turner was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer Five. Making him the first African- American to achieve such honor. With 25 plus years of service, Turner retired honorable from the military.

In the later part of 2020, Turner wrote and release his first novel “Emaciptaion Of Limits.” “Emancipation Of Limits” is a series of three urban fiction novels written by Turner. The novels tell a story of “Black success for a new age” in reverse chronological order.

“Emancipation Of Limits” is about Richie, a visionary and an entrepreneur. That returned home to Chicago and built businesses within black communities. Richie provided better opportunities for people of color by recreating the success of Black Wall Street with the profits made from the drug trade. Feeling as though the communities could flourish without his assistance, Richie decided to exit the drug game. However, Richie’s connect takes extreme measures to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Testing Richie’s ability to adapt to any situation. The unpredictable violence leaves him vulnerable. Pressuring him to stay the course. To add to his already difficult situation. Chicago’s deadliest gang aims to take him off his path to emancipate his people from society’s controlling influences.

Can Richie and his team overcome the obstacles and roadblocks placed before them? Or will they fall victim to the streets, sending their revolution in a blaze?

A. Paj Turner visited DaCultureReport where he talked about his upbringing, making Black History, and of course his critically acclaimed novel, “Emancipation Of Limits.” 

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