Akon’s Range Rover Stolen In Atlanta

Akon Range Rover Stolen In Atlanta While He Pumped Gas

Akon had a run-in with car thieves in Atlanta. The “Locked Up” singer was pumping gas on the vehicle’s passenger side Monday night at a QuickTrip in Buckhead. While doing so, a Black BMW sedan pulled up, and an unknown thief exited from the passenger side and quickly entered into the driver seat of Akon’s Range Rover before speeding away with the BMW following close behind.

Police who responded to the incident viewed surveillance footage and confirmed the singer’s account of what took place. They were able to track the vehicle via Akon’s cell phone, which was still in the car when it was stolen. The SUV was first traced to a street in southwest Atlanta but had been moved by the time officers arrived. It was then tracked to another location before being recovered early Tuesday morning.

Atlanta law Enforcement has been pleading with drivers to lock their vehicles as the number of car burglaries in the city continues to rise.

“Any time you stop your vehicle, and you leave your vehicle for just a split second, please turn your vehicle off and take your keys with you and secure your vehicle. We’re having far too many vehicles stolen because we are leaving our vehicles running,” stated Lieutenant Dorian Graham.

Back in January, rapper and actor, Ludacris was also a victim of car theft in Atlanta when his Mercedes Benz was stolen while he used an ATM. Investigators later recovered the Benz in a parking garage.  

Authorities are still looking for the suspects in Akon’s case.

Author: Precious Gibson