Anjel Tech App Lets User Live Stream Police Interactions To Phone Contacts

Anjel Tech App

In this day and age where police misconduct (not to mention civilian stupidity) is at an all-time high, citizens increasingly seek ways to protect themselves when interacting with law enforcement. Enter ANJEL Tech, a secure, mobile, cloud-based smartphone app made by people of color who are passionate about preventing others from becoming another painful statistic.

The website explains the process as after downloading and beginning your account, users add viewers from their contacts, allowing loved ones the notification and access to your streams, which you can also allow them to share and stream.

Swiping right on the camera tab starts a live stream and sends a notification to the contacts you have set up, letting them view your interaction in real-time with a GPS link while swiping left starts a recording, securely saves it, and notifies your viewers when the recording is complete. You and your viewers also have access to all recordings made through your account.

The innovative app boasts advantages over traditional methods of recording interactions with police officers such as a regular smartphone or dashcam video, making a phonemail when you get pulled over or even social media streaming as all of those devices are subject to seizure and manipulation.

ANJEL Tech is a black-owned enterprise, brought to us by a former fighter pilot, now tech creator James A. Samuel Jr. wishes there was no need for this type of product. His team’s mission is to “make sure that People of Color make it to the moments that count.” According to James: “You deserve the American dream: Raising a family and owning your own home, in safety and peace.”

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Author: Frank Levert