Asian Doll Ready To Fight The City Girls Over A Megan Thee Stallion Feature

Dallas rapper Asian Doll was involved in a Twitter spat with the City Girls over Asian Doll verse was removed from Megan Thee Stallion’s “Good News,” album.

Asian Doll was sent the beat for “Do It On The Tip,” but Megan never used her verse. Meg decided to feature the City Girls instead. The beef started with an IG Live where Asian Doll played her verse on the song.

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Afterward, Asian Doll clarified that there was no beef between her and Megan, and she did not care about a verse she “did in [her] sleep.” Later, however, Asian Doll admitted that she was initially upset, but she got over it because she is a Sagittarius.

Yet, the drama did not end there. JT seemed to chime in on the issue when she tweeted, “A real friend is something you b****** don’t know nothing about.” Some interpreted this as a subtweet to Asian Doll, to which the latter responded: “If JT ain’t say my name, then she wasn’t talking to me.”

After a couple of subliminal tweets, Asian Doll eventually name-dropped the City Girls rapper. And the two began exchanging words on Twitter, with Asian Doll taking shots at JT’s relationship with fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

When Asian Doll brought up JT’s relationship with the rapper, fellow City Girl Yung Miami chimed in, tweeting that Lil Uzi Vert “be in JT’s p**** like a tampon.”

Asian Doll continue to take personal shots, saying that JT got beat up by Lil Uzi Vert’s sister and that JT would lose to her in a fight.

Asian Doll hoped on Instagram live and said she was ready to fight. And “none of you h*** can see me.” Yung Miami came to JT’s defense, tweeting that she was not scared of Asian Doll.

“I WANNA ACTUALLY FIGHT… yeah I’m gang gang how whatever you wanna call it remember IM THE ONLU RAP BITCH THAT ACTUALLY BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA RAP BITCHES

— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020”

Asian Doll told Yung Miami to meet up to settle the beef in person, but Yung Miami said she wasn’t going to. Still, she noted it was “on sight,” meaning that when they do see each other, there will be immediate hands thrown.

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Megan Thee Stallion eventually weighed in, too, telling Asian Doll in a now-deleted tweet that she was a “hot head” and that she blew the situation out of proportion. After tweeting that she did not want to fight, JT deactivated her Twitter, and that seemed to squash the beef, for now at least.

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