Bawskee 4 Is The Next Step On Comethazine’s Path Towards Self Stardom

Comethazine’s latest project, Bawskee 4 is sure to be his rise in the trap scene. This Alamo Records 15-track triumph is filled with ferocity. Establishing himself as someone to look out for, the East St Louis native is quickly making himself known in the industry. 

Starting the album with “Riddle”, we see adventure without the noise. Neither his voice nor beats overpower the other. It’s a very mid-level range that only shows that there’s more to come.

 Moving into “556”, the track has a Halloween-themed video. Comethazine hits hard with the punchlines with pauses in place for dramatic effect. This gives you time to take in what was said and hold it. He’s not allowing you to overlook him. 

 “Air Max”, a released single, follows suit with a Halloween sound. Suspenseful and on the edge of your seat, you feel like you’re waiting for a hit. Transitioning into “Doubledecker” we get a more low-fi sound. The lyrics come in quicker and he’s almost speaking at a whisper. It feels like you’re in a club and he’s telling you a story. A quick interlude, you’re propelled to the next. 

 Gaining traction, we’re lead to “Jumpman 4’s” which is introducing us to a more adventurous sound. He uses longer notes to convey a louder feeling. The rhymes are simple but fun and the track gives you an overall good vibe.

“Lame” is about women. An interlude, it acts as another club number. A soft-spoken track, you’re meant to move. Almost like an act against the song, you want to prove him wrong and will get down to do it. 

“Sip Lean” is the halfway track that uses whispering for emphasis. Sounding like an echoed room, he is the voice in the void. “We Gone Win”, a released single, shifts the tone to something a little quieter. A piano is the most prominent sound which makes it lighter despite the aggression in his voice. It shows that even though he’s angry, he’s a little sad too. 

Keeping with the instrumentals, we move to “Two 45s” we get a taste of his drive. This intensity carries through to “Murder Passion” which showcases his bars as well as his snarl. “Still an OG” is evil. It makes you want to back off, but you carry through, wanting to know what he’s trying to say. Touching on his age and his old soul, the sound is haunting. 

Shying away from the more personal, “Derek Jeter” is another single. All his singles have amassed over 1 million views. This feat is not lost on him, as the track implies. “Complaining” is another one about women. This time, it’s about her complaining about her clothes and nails when everyone’s checking out her body. It shows tension and jealousy coupled with toxicity. 

“Skin That I’m In” is blinding confidence. You can hear it in his voice that he is owning it and he’ll fight for himself. Concluding with “Get Naked”, which is pretty much what it implies He’s impatient, impulsive, and sees his own worth. These attributes shine through the album as well as raw talent and production that allows him to stand against the rest.

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Author: Site Editor