Is Big Sean The Worst Rapper In The Game?

The reason why things go viral is a weird wrangle. While the how is usually worth hearing, we know it always involves social media and finds it customary to fan the flames by adding our two-cents, prior to moving on to the next arbitrary flavor of the day. While we all tend to categorize it as fun and games, the disrespect can be all too real for the nonexempt.

Case in point, the Sunday, May 2nd Big Sean slander that found itself trending on Twitter throughout the day. It was an impromptu bash session for the Santa Monica-born, Detroit-raised G.O.O.D. Music emcee that left many scratching their heads while calling others to defensive positions.

I’ll place the obligatory “music is subjective” line right here then point out that while Sean faced lots of criticism, fans stood up and spoke out in almost equal amount to quell the “Big Sean Slander”. We should also place importance in the facts that most all of the criticism came from “low-follower count” pages, and every account with a checkmark that chimed in had nothing but praise for the 2010 XXL Freshman. With everything that was said, that fact says the most.

Constructive debate can be healthy but this diatribe fell into that black hole of troll territory and unfortunately, we were all sucked in. I’m no Big Sean “fan” but I love Big Sean. He definitely can rap, is not wack and is far from the worst rapper, now or ever in his career and honestly, it’s not hyperbole to describe this latest mobbing as the dark-side of giving every single person in the world a bullhorn through social media.

Sean is literally one of the highest IQ rappers in the game who continues to certify platinum-selling, has been nominated for multiple Grammys, won multiple other awards, including the just-as-difficult-as-it-is-intangible “Hip Hop Summer”, not to mention that Mr. Kanye West himself has long been reported to be indebted to him for a large sum of money or clout or tracks, etc and even had his style jacked by Drake!. Excellent ten-year stats for an emcee that Twitter wants to deem today’s worst rapper, right?

The Hip Hop world can wax poetic, philosophical, comical or whatever about anything. But we must always remember to “keep it real” and pay homage where it is due. Big Sean is a highly technically skilled rapper with the added benefit of being a bonafide hit-maker. Calling him wack may be a tolerated stretch, worthy of debate but to say he is not a good rapper is borderline adulterous.

Beyond the subjective conversation, aren’t we supposed to be about giving our artists their flowers while they are here? Why is Big Sean not deserving of using his sense of smell for pleasantry and appreciation? Had he met an untimely home-going, not unlike the recent passing of Black Rob, Shock G, or DMX, what would the tweets and posts, from the same people who slandered him have said?

That was a slow zero to one hundred but it was worth it for me, just as you all felt joy in tackling Big Sean. We should afford this conversation no extension and focus on weeding out those who ignore his and those who possess his level of skill and contribution to the board. Shout out to Big Sean and all those who came to aid the positive side of the conversation, whether you like him or not.

Author: Frank Levert