Bre SwaGz And NDG Entertainment Creating Buzz-Worthy Singles

Bre SwaGz and NDG Entertainment are ready to show she has what it takes to make it in the rap game-with her buzz-worthy singles, “Fall,” “Toxic Love,” and “High,” featuring Jada Kiss.

Original and authentic to herself, Bre SwaGz is ready to show she has what it takes to make it in the rap game. Her 2020 break-out single, “Fall,” allows SwaGz to spit bar after bar-showcasing her talent as a rapper. 

“Let it fall wit it / I’m all in it / Pull up to your door wit it / Raw wit it / Au-thentic / Let it fall wit it.”

That quick snippet of the hook doesn’t do the song any justice. But if you check out the video yourself. You’ll get a full appreciation of what SwaGz delivers.  

One of the latest joints by Bre SwaGz, “Toxic Love,” release on Valentine’s Day 2021, allows Bre to open up about her domestic and mental abuse relationship. SwaGz’s ability to share her ups and downs in her relationships appears to be a therapeutic session. But “Toxic Love,” shouldn’t be dismissed. It still packs a punch. 

“High,” which features a brief feature from Jada Kiss, further pushes the narrative that SwaGz takes her craft seriously. “High,” gets back to Bre spitting bars to entice her the listener. The video sees Bre posted up with the hood-which is fitting with the concept of “High.” Not to be mistaken for being a gangsta, Bre let it known, 

“I gotta keep progressing. / I know they ain’t gone shoot me. But I had to get a weapon. / I never said I was gangsta bitch-this is for protection. / Somebody might need to learn a lesson.” 

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Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.