Chicago Princess of R&B Laje Drops Short Film For Her Latest Single “Blind” Featuring Cassius Tae

Laje "Blind"

Cinematography meets art with LaJé’s “Blind” ft Cassius Tae. Her smooth voice carries the video with transitions between choreography and story. Starting with her in a cocktail dress, gloves, and pearls, she exudes class and confidence.

She struts with a fan and matches the tempo of the song, which then perfectly moves into choreography. Keeping the vibe with soft fog and a consistent color palette, we are given another side of her. The dancers add to the sexiness of the moment. Languid but lively, you feel as if you know a secret about her. And I think that’s the point, if not to show off a beautiful ponytail. You see her walk into a bar and approach the counter towards Cassius Tae who is the bartender.

The bar is full of patrons, men and women alike who don’t outshine her while still being just as stunning. They seem to be going through the same motions in different pairings. The same story told in multiple ways, this detail is ingenious. LaJé and Cassius Tae make their connection, which then turns into scenes of them that are passionate but careful. Touches over clothes and holding hands, there’s respect there and you can feel it.

The setting, wardrobe, dancing, and even glances were all intentionally and meticulously thought out. LaJé’s voice is not lost during this short film, rather you keep it in your mind the entire time which also plays into the lyrics. Talking about wanting someone to come over and stay because they’re on her mind, the song lends itself to sensuous metaphor and roleplay.

It’s playful in rhyme but gives way to more. Cassius Tae only adds to this by telling his side of their relationship. He matches her energy in how he sees her, as a commitment but also a goddess.

This sultry R&B track doesn’t ask for your attention, it takes it. A talented artist, this is just the tip of the iceberg for LaJé.

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Author: Site Editor