Chicago Rapper Betstax Drops New Song “Cares Act”

Chicago artist Betstax just dropped a new music video for his new single, “Cares Act.” The track is the first single from Betstax’s new album “Dope Forever,” which dropped on the first day of the new year. Betstax also coined the album name as the “2021 Relief Package” as a way to celebrate new music after what has been a rocky year for many folks.

Sampling the “Man I Miss My Dawgs” beat from Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter album, “Cares Act” gives old-school hip-hop vibes. At the same time, the Eastside Chicago native delivers real, raw, and relatable lyrics. On the track, Betstax speaks on making it this far in the world — and how he created a means for himself no matter what obstacles were thrown his way.

The visual for “Cares Act” was directed by the Lucas Brothers, who have also produced several short films and directed videos for artists such as Kid Breeze, Josh K, and K-Ron.

“Cares Act” can be compared to some of the most notable political hip-hop songs that will forever stand out. Betstax touches on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, racism in America, and the inadequate stimulus checks given to civilians through the CARES Act due to the pandemic.

“City of no love, the city of no love / Livin’ fast like we never had hope / They gave us the CARES Act them checks wasn’t enough / And we still move that work money keep piling up / Corona in the air, racism everywhere / The game’s designed for us to fail, guerrilla warfare.”

Born Jeffery Manor, the 34-year-old artist says he got into music because he saw it as “a way out or a chance for success.” Rather than selling dope or getting involved in gang-related activities. Betstax has been rapping and writing music since grade school but didn’t take it seriously until about 2006. “I just want to keep this game we call Hip Hop alive and establish a name for myself in this Hip Hop world,” Betstax once shared. 

Betstax’s previous single, “Be Yourself,” featuring Hi Money Ransom, is nearing 50,000 views on YouTube. He has approximately 19,000 Spotify streams in over 84 countries. His influences include Jeezy, Curren$y, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, and more.

Author: Destiny Taylor
Destiny is a Central Florida native with a background in radio, TV news and writing. The FAMU graduate has written for outlets such as The Tallahassee Democrat, Pulp Magazine Inc. and The Famuan Newspaper. Connect with her on social media as she dishes out the latest in news and entertainment.