Chicago Rapper Exclusive Latest Single “Not For Your Entertainment” (NFYE)

Coming off a series of releases in 2020, Chicago’s own, Exclusive, is back with his new track “NFYE” (Not For Your Entertainment). The Uttermost Music Group artist dropped his dancehall-inspired island lover anthem, “Stalker Type” (feat. Nefertari), in November 202. But his new track, “NFYE,” is no day at the beach.

Faint looping vocals and haunting piano keys fill the production on NFYE. Exclusive makes it clear that he’s not playing around this time. When his first bars hit, he comes out of the gate with dominance. He makes sure his competition knows who’s alpha as he raps,

“Yeah I want all the smoke /Drop one and they all fall down, them ni**as dominos.”

Compared to other rappers who rap for the clout or the likes, Exclusive keeps it straightforward about who he truly is on the hook.

“I am not an entertainer, I’m a gangsta /they hate I talk a lot of shit but they know I’m dangerous.”

Following the sunny vibes on Stalker Type (feat. Nefertari), Exclusive is in a darker space on NFYE. This track can be played everywhere, but to feel the entire mood and affect, a late-night drive during a full moon is where you can feel Exclusive’s lyrics hit your spine. He raps on the second verse,

“You don’t want to see me, I’m a nightmare / Gaze into the eyes of the moon I love the night glare.”

Whether it’s making dancehall anthems or dominant raps, Exclusive is definitely an artist to keep watch on. 

Check out the full track below and stay connected to DaCultureReport for more independent hip hop.

Author: Grant Boyer
Grant Boyer is a hip hop head at heart from Chicago, IL. Some of his all-time favorite artists are J. Cole, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, and Biggie. When he’s not writing, he’s playing his Nintendo Switch, watching Seinfeld reruns, and collecting vinyl and cool hip hop collectibles. The coolest hip hop collectible he owns is an original Jay-Z Dead Presidents cassette from 1995. He’s also wondering if anybody has a working cassette player he can borrow.