DaWeirdo Showcases His Creative Genius With Latest Video “Naughty Bear”

DaWeirdo Naughty Bear No Face McKinney Englewood

Some may call the raising Chicago emcee Darrell McKinney, DaWeirdo. Some may refer to him as No-Face McKinney. With over 200k streams, a unique and unorthodox style of rapping. Whatever you decide to call him. Don’t forget to mention he’s a dope emcee.

In an exclusive interview with DaCultureReport, DaWeirdo opened up about his music, being called weirdo, and what sets him apart from the rest.

DaWeirdo, a native of Chicago’s Englewood area, came into the rap game wanting to switch things up as Chicago’s drill sound took over as the dominant subgenre of hip-hop. From his lyrics to his videos, DaWeirdo stood out from what most would consider normal.

“People were calling me a weirdo because of the direction I take with my videos,” DaWeirdo tells DaCultureReport. “It was different from other videos coming out of Englewood. It’s the drill scene. So everyone had guns in their video.”

With multiple singles and two recent EP’s blurring through speakers- DaWeirdo latest project, “Naughty Bear,” deserves a spot on any hip-hop/rap playlist.

Inspired by the everyday residents of Englewood. And taking a look back into his past to help construct the lyrics, DaWeirdo says “Naughty Bear,” symbolizes trouble and being outcasted. The video, directed by FlyTy, tells a story of what is perceived as a young Naughty Bear being abandoned by his mother. As she pushes Naughty Bear away at the request of the preacher for that 40-dolla-holla. Naughty Bear grows up to become a stick-up kid and hitting a stain with his homeboy. Then merking his homeboy at the end. And taking the loot for himself.

DaWeirdo Naughty Bear No Face McKinney Englewood

“Me and FlyTy wanted to do something different. It was like, ok, let’s put a Bear on your head. So, we went with the bear to grab everyone’s attention. We laid down the storyboard. I added my pieces, and it came out perfectly.”

With “Naughty Bear,” just a sample size of DaWeirdo’s creative genius. His “No Face Mickenny,” EP, a collection of 6-tracks, allows DaWeirdo to feed into his alter-ego. No Face McKinney.

“No Face McKinney is in the now of the things that are going on,” explains DeWeirdo. “Whereas DaWeirdo talks about the struggle and what I went through. Some people call me DaWeirdo. Some people call me No Face McKinney in the streets. But I want people to know both sides.”

Watch the full interview and “Naughty Bear,” video below.

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Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.