Digital Underground’s Shock G Dead at 57

Shock G - Humpty Dance - Digital Underground

Another Legend Gone; Digital Underground Shock G aka Humpty Hump Dead at 57.

Seems like a bad dream. Hip Hop and its pioneering participants are aging and unfortunately, with age comes death. Shock G, A.K.A. Humpty Hump, the legendary, innovatory co-founder of the revolutionary Bay Area based rap group, Digital Underground, was found dead in his Tampa, Florida hotel room.

The news comes as allow to a Hip Hop community that is still reeling from recent and not-so-recent losses of some of the most beloved personalities the genre had to offer. Digital Underground co-founder and producer Chopmaster J announced the unfortunate information on his Instagram account with a somber but electric throwback photo of the two trailblazers together.

No update has been provided as towards the cause of death but social media has been deluged with condolences attached with photos and videos from Shocks’ 30 plus year career in a display of remembrance of what the icon meant to music as well as the lives of his fans. His father has stated that authorities will conduct an official autopsy.

Shock G formed Digital Underground in 1987 with Chopmaster J and DJ Kenny K. The collective of creatives are known for smashes like “Doowutchyalike”, “Kiss You Back” and of course ”Same Song”, from the This Is an EP Release and the Nothing But Trouble motion picture soundtrack, featuring a then-unknown, Tupac Shakur.

He provided us with years of good times and celebration with his alter-ego leading “The Humpty Dance”, a bonafide 90’s banger that continues to stand the test of time to this day. His quirky, outlandish, unfounded, exciting and charismatic character made Humpty just simply undeniable. The news immediately recalled Digital Underground’s joke opening on Showtime at The Apollo as “The Unknown Rappers”. They were quickly booed just before shedding costumes and rocking the place like they always did.

We keep losing them but our artists should never be forgotten. This weekend would be a perfect time to throw on some Digital Underground, lean to the side like your leg was broken, shake and twitch, probably cause you smokin’.

He truly had an unparalleled imagination. Rest In Peace to the prolific Greg Jacobs A.K.A Shock G, A.K.A Humpty Hump, A.K.A. Icey Mike, A.K.A. Michael Boston, A.K.A. MC Blowfish, A.K.A. Dat Jit Got a Dolphin Nose.

Author: Frank Levert