DMX Details Being Tricked Into Smoking Crack At 14 Years Old

Like most, I’m shocked by the death of hip-hop legend and Ruff Ryder frontman DMX. His distinctive voice and his signature growl followed by a bark were a prominent fixture in the culture.

With all the light that X shared with his fans-he never shied away from sharing his dark side. Publicly fighting with drug addiction for years, DMX spent years in and of rehab.

Making an appearance on People’s Party with Talib Kweli in 2020. X details how he tricked into smoking crack at 14.

After coming home from being in an institution from 7-years-old to 14, Ready Ron became DMX’s mentor.

“Ready Ron was someone I looked up to, X tells Talib. “He would do the raps. And I would beatbox.” Reciting the first rap he ever wrote, DMX explains how his urge to rap grew increasingly. As he dives deeper into his relationship with Ready Ron, X begins to fight back his tears. It’s obvious a painful memory. X struggles to get the words out as he’s being overcome with emotions.

Admitting to never had smoked a day in his life, X tells Talib that after refusing Ready Ron advances for X to hit a blunt that was being passed around. DMX eventually hits the blunt and instantly felt different.

“I never felt like this. It fucked me up,” X says. “I later found out that he laced the blunt with crack.” Breaking down emotionally, X asked the question. “Why would you do that to a child?”

DMX continues saying, “Drugs were never the problem. Drugs was the symptom of a bigger problem.”

See the emotional and heartbreaking video of the Ruff Ryder

Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.