Flygod Teases New Music With Tweet

Westside Gunn, the brains behind the prolific and proficient Griselda Records is busier than Chris Brown in a courtroom. Flygod teases new music with his July 11th Tweet;

The Purist will be rattling off two studio albums by years end, releasing August 20 and October 31 respectively. He has been one of Hip Hop’s most abundant and looks to continue the trend through the year. The first will be his first album since 2020’s Who Made the Sunshine but that does not mean he has not been busy otherwise.

He also dropped the Flygod is an Awesome God 2 mixtape in 2020. He did several features and pretty much ran Griselda records. The tease Tweet from Flygod about new music excited fans but really did not come as a surprise. The Buffalo, NY crew of true emcees just won’t stop, and most importantly, keep coming with quality music. With touring still scarce for artists and revenue surely affected they certainly will be living in the studio while things are slow.

Flygod New Music Tweet; Griselda Overload?

But between this years release of Conway the Machine’s “La Maquina” and Benny the Butcher’s “Plugs I Met 2“, some are asking, is this too much? Add in a slew of features and the Conflicted motion picture soundtrack and the question gets louder, do we need this? The new music teased by the Flygod’s Tweet could in fact prove to be the tipping point for fans and there is only so long they can take the onslaught.

Westside Gunn started Griselda roughly around 2014 and signed to Shady Records in 2017. He talked about parting with the Eminem and the Shady imprint on the Joe Budden Podcast stating, ““Um, I’m off Shady. I’m actually a free agent. It feels great. Who Made The Sunshine was it. I already spoke to Paul [Rosenberg]. Everything’s good. Like, everything’s signed, sealed and delivered, I have my paperwork, like, I’m off Shady,” 


Author: Frank Levert