Freeway Rick Ross Slams Rapper Rick Ross & “Snowfall”

Freeway Rick Ross Slams Rapper Rick Ross & "Snowfall"

Former drug lord Freeway Rick Ross is slamming the hit FX series “Snowfall” for stealing his life story and claims that rapper Rick Ross is avoiding him after allegedly stealing his likeness years ago. 

The formerly incarcerated kingpin recently did an interview with Shirley Ju for her show, “Shirley’s Temple.” During the sit-down, the 61-year-old explained that while he and late director John Singleton were working on his biopic, “Snowfall” came along and ripped off his story without his consent. He says “they stole my life story. 

Freeway, whose real name is Ricky Donnell, was the head of a narcotics empire in the 80s. It is estimated that his organization brought in over $600 million before he was busted and given a life sentence in the 90s. He was released in 2009. 

During the interview, the now-entrepreneur and author also dived into his long-standing feud with Miami rapper and mogul Rick Ross. He believes that the “Hustlin” lyricist made a “mockery” of his name and image. 

The beef between the two boiled over in 2010 when he sued Rozay. That case was eventually dismissed but was refilled in 2013. Unfortunately for Freeway, the judge sided with the rapper. 

Freeway believes that the MMG frontman has been avoiding him ever since their legal debacle.

“I went to places that he was supposed to be, and he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found.”

Freeway says that he reached out multiple times to Rick Ross to bury the hatchet. He even wanted the two to work together at one point. However, comments that Rick Ross made on The Brekakfast Club about the former gangster did not sit well with him. Therefore, he stopped pursing a reconcilation.

Rick Ross has not commented on Freeway’s latest comments. 

Author: Precious Gibson