Henry Arts Shares His Battle With Drug Addiction In His Latest Single ‘Revival’

Henry Arts Shares His Battle With Drug Addiction In His Latest Single ‘Revival’ I was popping percs every day like them bitches were candy.

In today’s rap music, drugs play a heavy part in the lyrics that rappers spew over the track. And very rarely do you hear about a rapper overdosing and living to share their story. Henry Arts is one of the rare. Addicted to Percocet, an opioid that contains oxycodone. Henry’s addiction didn’t end in tragedy. Instead, it placed Henry on the road to become triumphant. ‘Revival,’ Henry’s latest video single reenactments his battle with his drug addiction. Through his vocals and the visual of the video, Henry Arts gives fans his truth. 

“Growing up in Chicago, I dealt with a lot of tragic shit,” Henry Arts said. “In a way, I kind of suffer from PTSD. I went through shit that the human mind or body shouldn’t go through. In the hood, drugs are plentiful. But when I move towards the suburbs, the white boys were popping pills. They were doing shit I would have never thought about coming from the hood. I ended up falling off into them pain pills, not realizing what I was getting myself into. Those pain pills are the next step to heroin. But I just jump into it, trying to escape the pain of what I was going through. I was popping percs every day like them bitches were candy. When the opioid epidemic happened, n*ggas start trying to capitalize off it, and it started to be a bunch of fake pills out there. I pop a perc one day. I thought it was a regular perc because, at first, I felt the normal effects. But then I started to feel different. I go into the bathroom to get myself together, and I ended up blacking out. 

Henry Arts continues to explain the near-death experience that came from him taking the Percocet laced with Fentanyl. Another opioid that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. “I had a real-life out-body experience. I felt what it feels like to be dead. I remember waking up in the ambulance. When I woke up, I was pissed off. Because on the other side, it felt so comfortable. It was a comfy warm home feeling. When they hit me with the naloxone, I woke up cold and mad. That’s when I realize that I had been revived. I became happy once I understood what had happened. But them percs ain’t nothing to play with. These young boys really don’t know what they’re getting into. Even if you are getting the real percs. Your body becomes dependent on it. You start getting cold sweats and not being able to sleep. That shit turns people into junkies. 

Henry Arts Shares His Battle With Drug Addiction In His Latest Single ‘Revival’ I was popping percs every day like them bitches were candy.

Henry Arts says making the video for ‘Revival‘ was an emotional one. “Reliving that time in my life is emotional, says Henry. “Traumatic. ‘Revival’ shows the darker side of pill-popping. Everyone talks about taking percs and being lit. But I wanted to show the truth about what opioids can do to you. You see everything. You see me laid out on the floor and the EMT’s going in to revive me. I show you the relationship between my woman and my kids. My lady is a strong woman. Problems of the relationship are one thing. But when you’re dealing with a drug addict, you gotta be a whole different person. So, I tried to show everything that was going on in my life at that time. Reliving those chains of events was traumatic. But we captured the moments of when the shit really went down.” 

Henry Arts’ path to redemption has only just begun. Using his melodic, soulful voice, the R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) singer uses his struggles to inspire and fuel his career. “I got a new lease on life,” says Henry Arts. I realize the risk I was taking by popping percs. I’m not going to lie and say I never popped perc again after that. That’s just how real addiction is. But I grew up from that situation. I started to get more opportunities with my music, and a lot of things started happening for me. Really, it was GOD. Those chain of events led to where I’m at right now. Right now, I’m in the best position I’ve ever been in my life. Revival.

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Author: Ali Bouldin
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