Huey V Drops Debut Album “As Above” Under Memphis Bleek Warehouse Music Group


Huey V, there’s a couple of ways to describe the Milwaukee native. Talented, creative, and to be quite frank. The lil homie got barz. So, there no question why hip-hop heavy-hitter Memphis Bleek signed Huey V to his Warehouse Music Group label. 

In an exclusive interview with DaCultureReport, Huey discussed catching the attention of Memphis Bleek. And his latest ep titled, “As Above.” 

“The way As Above was written. It took maybe a week. From the time I got the call from Bleek saying he needed more music. He was like, “Let me know you’re not a fluke.” Boom, I hit him with the single No Regrets. Then another song, and another song. Until eventually, it turned into an album.”

Huey V takes you on his life journey with tracks like No Regrets, P.M.E. (Protect My Energy), and Persuasion. The 7-track ep is street poetry at its finest. Which gives reasons why Huey is the prodigy of Memphis Bleek. 

Explaining how he connected with Memphis Bleek and the Warehouse Music Group. Huey V says, “No Regrets was the first track I dropped. After that, people started gravitating towards it. A homegirl was playing the record at her kickback. And one of the Warehouse affiliates heard it. And passed it off to another affiliate. And they gave it to Bleek. So, Bleek brought me out here, and I signed a deal.”

“No Regrets,” is the lead single of Huey’s music career. Since its release, it has generated over 140k hits on Youtube. “P.M.E,” the most recent video single from “As Above.” Is one of my favorite tracks. It’s raw talent mixed with emotions. Huey was writing poetry before he started hopping on tracks. And it shows in the way his lyrics flow unfiltered and authentically. 

Speaking on his current success. Huey V says he’s in a good space. “Yeah, it feels good. I’m just trying to walk my own path. Stay true to myself. I have big expectations. I’m not trying to get caught in anyone’s shadow.”

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Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.