Hugh Lee Returns With His Latest “Homecoming Pack”

Rising Chicago artist Hugh Lee has kickstarted the new year by releasing his latest, “Homecoming Pack.” The two-track selection consists of the melodic and groovy “ChinaMan (Freestyle)” and a hit party-starter track, titled “Sawbuck II.” 

Hailing from the west side of Chicago, Lee’s lyrics tell the story of a young boy growing up in poverty. So, it’s only right that Lee takes after those who have come before him. By soulfully rapping about life in the projects. 

Homecoming Pack” is the perfect collection to listen to if you’re itching to hear some new music or searching around for a new artist. 

“Homecoming Pack,” follows Lee’s sophomore mixtape titled Cabrini. This breakthrough project is home to some of Lee’s most successful singles, including “Graduation,” “Swimfan,” “Ronnie Draco,” and the original “Sawbuck.” 

Lee’s official music video for the single “Cabrini,” produced by Kerrigan Productions. Currently has over 84,000 views on YouTube. On average, Lee has around 16,000 monthly Spotify listeners and close to 220,000 total streams.

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The “Homecoming Pack,” is just a teaser of what’s to come from Hugh Lee this year. Stay tuned as he expects to drop his forthcoming album in 2021.

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Author: Destiny Taylor
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