Ideal Unleashes A Barge Of Lyrics On “Natural Man” Feat. Luv Militia

Ideal - Natural Man - Luv Militia

Ideal brings the essence of the Midwest hip-hop sound on his latest single, “Natural Man,” featuring Luv Militia. Addressing the current times in America. As soon as the beat drops, Ideal quickly unleashes a barge of lyrics over the Pooney produce track. 

In an interview with DaCultureReport, Ideal broke down the concept behind “Natural Man.”   

“I feel like it’s hard to be out there giving it your all. When you’re out there protesting or rioting. Standing up for what you believe in. You gotta keep it balance. Don’t burn yourself out. You can’t drive yourself crazy. When I got with Roddy from LuvMilitia, he wanted to express staying in touch with yourself and with nature. But still standing up for what you believe is right. I think we did a nice job capturing both sides.” 

Once you hit play on “Natural Man,” the beat instantly catches your attention. But once Ideal jumps in. He snatches your full attention. His above-average rapping vocabulary paints a picture of a country divided by ethnicity. While living in a police state.  

“We’re living in a police state /Fill prisons with citizens /And fill the streets up with police tape /So billionaires can benefit /At the expense of the innocent /Payless taxes than an immigrant/ But take their asset bank over to Switzerland.”

Adding Luv Militia on the hook. And with Ideal making reference to smoking “spliffs.” The track definitely has a rasta undertone.  It’s a track that offers a great deal of substance. Hip-Hop is the art of story-telling. And Ideal does a dope job pointing out the hypocrisy in America. 

If you think “Natural Man,” is dope. Well, light up another blunt. Because Ideal is prepping to release “Scatter Brain.” The 10-track album is projected for a summer release.

“Scatter Brain is deep hip-hop,” says Ideal. It’s not the modern boom bop music. It’s what I grow up to, like the Nas and Lupe Fiasco. Even When I hear Talib or Black Thoughts, that’s kinda like my style. It’s not quite laid back. It’s kinda like a scattered brain. I go off on the deep end sometimes. But it’s definitely fun.”

Check out the interview in its entirety below. 

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Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.