Imani Lauren (SaxBae) Released Her Debut Single“OMW”

Imani Lauren, aka Saxbae, released her debut single, “OMW” (On My Way). Smooth and slow, it tells of falling too hard for someone and having to deal with the emotional backfire. It’s an all too familiar feeling of being so damaged and in love that you keep going back despite it not being good for you. It’s the type of song that will resonate with other people in romantic turmoil.

Later revealed that the person she’s going back to has another girl, the missing piece of the story is finally filled. The narrative coming in clear, we now know that she was never this person’s top priority. A recurring line is “I should have known that you were not right for me” and as it pervades, the meaning changes from an innocent encounter to something heavier and darker. 

The saxophone is prominent and only adds to the sexiness of the song. Keeping the tempo, there is a solo halfway through. It’s sad and languid; there’s even some rasp to it that is heartbreaking. You can feel the raw emotion laid bare. 

Her voice is perfect for this type of R&B track. It’s loud but not overpowering, claiming its place as the most integral part of the song. Her vocals don’t oppose the saxophone, beat, and synth effects. Rather, they work in harmony to tell a powerful and complex story that’s simultaneously catchy, sultry, and fun.

The sensual tones make it feel like you’re doing something scandalous, like you’re on a stakeout or you’re in the car with her on your way to see what he’s up to. You can’t help but wonder if you’ll run into another girl there, whether his feelings for her will change, etc. The song begs for more which lends itself perfectly to a possible music video in the future. 

Saxbae lives up to her name in the way she incorporates soul into her music. This unique touch makes her sound distinguishable. Be on the lookout because only great things are going to keep coming from Imani Lauren.

Author: Site Editor