Indiana Man Charged After Killing 3 Adults and A Child Over Stimulus Money

Malik Halfacre shot his ex and mother of his 6-month-old daughter. And 3 other people following an argument over stimulus money.

Since COVID-19 hit the United States there has been three rounds of stimulus checks issued to qualified recipients. The first round as part of the CARES Act was for $1200 per adult and $500 per child, round two called the Consolidated Appropriations Act was for $600 per adult and $600 per child, and the most recent round created under Biden administration, called the American Rescue Plan was for $1400 per adult and $1400 per child.

These financial programs were set into motion to help provide financial support to families during the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, for one family in Indiana tragedy struck a week after the third round of stimulus checks were issued. An Indiana man who killed four people including a child following an argument over stimulus money has been charged with murder could be facing a death penalty.

On Saturday, March 13, 25-year-old Malik Halfacre shot his ex and mother of his 6-month-old daughter Jeanettrius Moore and killed four other relatives including her mother Tomeeka Brown, 44, her cousin Anthony Johnson, 35, her brother Dequan Moore, 23 and her 7-year-old daughter Eve Moore.

According to Moore’s cousin, Wendy Johnson, who spoke to a local news station said the day before the murder, Halfacre was demanding half of the mother’s stimulus check. Jeanettrius told Malik he wasn’t entitled to half of the money she worked for and offered to give him $450. Johnson recalled Halfacre saying he was going to get the money.

The following day Malik returned to the home and searched Moore’s purse for money. As her brother Dequan tried to intervene, Malik just started shooting, starting with Dequan first, Anthony second and Tomeeka was shot twice. Jeanettrius who was shot in the back is the only one who survived. Following the shooting Malik fled with his 6-month-old daughter Malia prompting an Amber Alert.

Sunday, after hiding out in his friend’s attic, Malik was arrested. He told the police that after he shot everyone, he took the money, his former girlfriend’s purse and her car and ran off with his daughter. Thursday morning Halfacre faced a judge in an initial hearing where he was advised of his rights and appointed a public defender. The judge also ordered him held without bond.

According to Marion County prosecutor Ryan Mears, Malik Halfacre, faces four counts of murder, one count each of attempted murder, armed robbery, auto theft and other charges. Mears added that due to the multiple victims including the death of a child, Halfacre could be faced with the death penalty.

Author: Tamara Anderson
Tamara Anderson is a freelance writer in the Chicagoland area. She has featured articles in multiple entertainment and hip-hop media outlets.