Is Quavo the Most Athletic Rapper?

Is Quavo is the most athletic rapper? Our favorite Migo is known for his athletic ability and he continues to show out. He was starting quarterback in high school, he was MVP of the 2018 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game but did you know he also has fielding and slugging in his bag as well? When he stepped up to bat, he almost hit it out of the park!

That’s Atlanta’s own delivering a towering bomb that almost cleared the MLB fence and we were here for it. Held at Coors Field in Denver, the star-studded event featured celebrities and sports personalities and is a staple of the annual MLB event. Quavo was well received by fans and set the stadium on fire because of his blast. His position was pitcher as he has served a first pitch for an Atlanta Braves post-season game in 2019.

Quavo recorded the only strike-out in Monday night’s friendly match-up when he set down DK Metcalf. The very next batter, pop sensation Jojo Siwa clocked a double on the Migo, revealing flaws in his underhand form. His performance as a whole has the internet asking, is Quavo the most athletic rapper? While fingers fly, many point to athletic rappers like Wale, 2 Chainz, 50 Cent and one Jermain Cole.

Huncho has definitely shown some chops recently in the athletic arena but when we look back we see doubt. His starting high school quarterback days were only for one season and the team record that season was dismal. It’s hard to believe that had he stayed in school and kept at sports that he would have not been successful. More celebrity sports leagues are coming so it’s safe to say that we should soon have an answer but for now the question lingers, is Quavo the most athletic rapper?

Author: Frank Levert