Is Trap Music Dead?

2chainz 2 Chainz tityboi Trap music

It starts with the music. Hip Hop artists are making the music that both embraces and champions the worst parts of society. With the faces of the genre stepping away from what made them household names, people in the culture are asking, is Trap music dead? Top Trap rapper 2 Chainz recently tweeted that his next album will be his last Trap album.

The debate is raging over the genres fate. As Hip Hop continues to define it’s own image of the black experience, many feel the need to do away with the “trap” in favor of legitimate business ventures. With the collective conscience on the verge of an epoch, fans are questioning the death of Trap music.

While 2 Chainz is not the only Trap rapper, his announcement holds weight. His evolution should be the norm. Every trapper should aspire to get out the trap and elevate themselves and communities respectively. Does that mean that Trap music is dead?

The genre can be all over the place as it continues to evolve and we should be here for it. The influence of Trap music spans far and wide so it’s safe to say that it’s not dead. Dying? Maybe. But definitely not dead.

Author: Frank Levert