Isaiah Rashad Drops Loosie Single “200/Warning”

Isaiah Rashad Drops Loosie Single “200/Warning”

Isaiah Rashad surprise drops his latest song “200/Warning.” Coming off a near 5 year hiatus, the TDE rapper’s forthcoming album, The House is Burning, is expected to drop this June. Taking it back to the blog era days, Rashad dropped this track as a loosie, on Soundcloud, and won’t be putting it on his album.

After his 2016 album, The Sun’s Tirade, Zay took a four year long pause from music. But the ball started to roll again with April 2020’s single “Why Worry.” In the last month, he released his first single and music video “Lay Wit Ya” and announced his new album is on the way. It seems his hibernating days are over. Since then he has appeared on the cover of FADER, did an interview with Billboard and was Kenny Beat’s Season 3 opening guest on The Cave. The wait is finally over and Zay is back in full form!

Produced by Kenny Beats, Almatic, Amaire Johnson, Rory Beh and Nabeyin, the track continues Rashad’s signature sound: A slow tempo with heavy bass. Split into two parts, the first “200” side of the track has Zay repeatedly asking the question in the first verse, “Have you seen him?” We can all happily answer back, “Yes.”

On the second “Warning” side of the track, Zay spares no time and goes in with the raps. Without a hook, he raps,

Double was the vultures swarming over us // Aiming at my noggin; just don’t point me to the coppas, we stole it // Shamelessly I mended through the problems // Remember right before these troubles // Must be ready for the moment I know it

 With the new singles, the magazine interviews and the continuous fan interaction, it’s clear that Isaiah Rashad is ready for his moment again.

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