Jaah SLT Slams Into The New Year With 2021 Banger

Jaah SLT is ready to rage in the new year. “2021 Banger” is the newest track by the 20-year-old from North Carolina and the truth is in the title… This song is simply a banger.

Following a variety of talent coming out of North Carolina, Jaah SLT has been consistently releasing music with matching videos the past few years. He gained internet fame with his track “Tuff” that went viral on TikTok in late 2019 and the music video garnered 2.6 Million views on Youtube.

Since then, he released his project 2-7-20 and recently released his project 9-25-20, and now, a mere five months later, releases “2021 Banger.” Produced by Nile Waves, Jaah rhymes over face slapping synths and deep 808s on this self-proclaimed banger. Rapping like a human firecracker, his vocals switch from calm to rage throughout the track. Similar to the energy of Rico Nasty, Jaah SLT shows off his versatility as he raps,

“Ni**as hate me cause they couldn’t even beat it/ No it’s not slap boy it’s SLT / I CANNOT

The music video, directed by Lurxh and shot by LKS Visuals, features Jaah at a poker table with his chips stacking high. He may be gambling but his deck is loaded and there’s no signs of him folding soon.

No future projects have been announced from Jaah as of yet, but if this is any sign of what may come, Jaah SLT must be on your radar. Check out the “Banger 2021” video below and stay connected to DaCultureReport for more independent hip hop.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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