Jay-Z Autographed Trading Card Sells for Over $100K

Jay-Z autographed card sold at auction for $105,780, which breaks the record for the highest sale of a non-sports trading card.

The past few weeks for Jay-Z have been extremely lucrative but over the weekend, Jay-Z shared the wealth. An autographed Jay-Z trading card sold at auction for $105,780, which breaks the record for the highest sale of a non-sports trading card.

The card was sold by Goldin Auctions and is an official Topps Chrome “Signs of Stardom” Superfractor one of one. The card was released in the 2005-2006 NBA season and was most likely sold within a pack of other NBA Topps trading cards. It was graded in MINT condition and was signed in black marker by Hova himself. A lucky find and an even luckier sell.

Goldin Auctions bid the card at $2,200 on Saturday and within one day the price ramped up to its final $100,000+ total. So you never know, those old trading cards in your basement might be worth a pretty penny.

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Jay-Z and the Carter family have had a groundbreaking year so far. Jay-Z started the year by making two highly successful business deals. Including selling a stake of his champagne brand, Ace of Spades, and making a deal with the company Square to acquire a stake in his streaming service, Tidal.

But Jay-Z shared the spotlight too. Beyonce made history by winning her 28th GRAMMY last Sunday. Which makes her the most GRAMMY-winning artist among male and female performers. Plus, Blue Ivy won a GRAMMY at nine years old, which makes her the second youngest to do so.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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