Kalan.frfr Raps on Jet Skis in New Visual for “Look At Me”

Kalan.frfr look at me roc nation

Enjoying the fruits of his labor, Kalan.frfr drops the latest video for his track “Look At Me.” After signing to Roc Nation and dropping his album TwoFr 2, Kalan is taking time to celebrate with jet skis, drop tops and new jewels that glisten in the Miami sunshine.

The past month has been filled with new success for Kalan.frfr. He Roc Nation on March 1st and released his debut album TwoFr 2, a sequel to his breakout mixtape from 2018, on March 12th. Following the release, he was featured on Tidal’s New West Coast Playlist and was named one of the top LA emerging R&B/Hip Hop artists of 2021. His ability to effortlessly switch from auto tuned melodies to straight up spitting bars is why he’s one of the more exciting artists to watch.

Directed by Blayr Jimmerson and produced by First Class Entertainment, shots of the Miami coastline fill the background of the music video. Kalan is seen rapping while riding around in a Miami blue foreign and tearing up the ocean waves on a jet ski. The imagery is extremely fitting for the track’s uptempo club banging sound and Kalan’s silky vocals. As Kalan raps,

“I make them look at me / Now I need twenty-thousand in all blues when they booking me / I spent like twenty-five on my shoes and they look fucking cheap / I’m in a Maybach azul, smoking comfortably”

Kalan still remembers where he comes from amidst his new found success though. Footage of old performances and his friends showing off their new jewelry are portrayed along with lyrics about his late grandma. A sign of an artist that still raps for the right reasons.

Check out the official music video below and stay connected to DaCultureReport for more independent hip hop.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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