Kanye West Documentary is Coming Soon To Netflix

Netflix has reportedly bought a documentary series that will focus on Kanye West’s life. Never before seen footage spanning back 21 years will be uncovered for the making of the series. It will document Kanye’s music career, his mother’s passing, his transition into the fashion world, and most recently his presidential run.

The filmmaker and producer duo, Coodie & Chike, will be behind the series. The duo has been documenting the life of Mr. West for two decades, and co-directed early music videos “Through The Wire” and “Jesus Walks (Version 3)” in 2003. The duo has directed other films such as ESPN documentary “Benji” about a young NBA prospect who was senselessly murdered in the 1970s, and Netflix’s “A Kid From Coney Island” about the career of Stephon Marbury.

Although Kanye is not involved with the series, he has reportedly given his blessing to Coodie and Chike, and their collaborating production company, TIME Studios. It is fair to assume that Kanye West is too busy to collaborate.

He has had a turbulent year. With his divorce from Kim Kardashian and his loss in the presidential election, Kanye deserves to take a nature walk or two in the Wyoming scenery. These past few months, however, haven’t been all bad. He did win a GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for “Jesus Is King” and rumors about his upcoming album “DONDA” have been circulating. Let’s hope this documentary can bring some positivity for Kanye.

Reports of Netflix buying the series for $30M dollars surfaced after the news, but those reports have now been stated as inaccurate. However high or low the price may be, the series should be a great look into the life of one of rap’s biggest superstars.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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