LALove The Boss Is “A Whole Lot Of Woman”

Energetic, talented, and all-natural. That’s the only way to describe LALove The Boss. A native of Maryland, LALove is a Queen of all trades. A rapper, SAG actress, and sex symbol.

The 25-year-old influencer is the modern-day Foxy Brown. Not the rapper Foxy Brown. But the Foxy Brown from the 1974 blaxploitation film starring Pam Grier. Rocking a natural look with her signature afro, LALove catapulted her career with alluring and sultry content. Along with dope rap lyrics and memorable roles in popular Urban films.

When it comes to LALove’s music career, she tells DaCultureReport Missy Elliot, Andre 3000, and Ludacris were instrumental in her growth as an artist.

“Growing up I listened to a lot of Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, and Ludacris,” says LaLove. “I realized if they could do what they loved to do. And influence people with their music. Then one day I could do the same and be as big.”

Working with several award-winning producers. Such as Jazze Pha and 88 Fingaz. LaLove’s body of work includes “Flying High,” and “How I Do It.” Both singles generating over 100k views on Youtube. What’s impressive about LALove’s lyrics. Is that there is no ghostwriter hiding in the shadows. She writes her own lyrics, which allows her to fully give her fans the authentic and best version of herself.

Taking control of her sexuality. Blended with her passion and love for the art of entertaining. LALove has amassed over 3 million loyal followers across her social media platforms. Embracing her natural curves and feeling complete comfort in her skin.

“I’m sexy,” LALove The Boss says. “I took the mystery out of what this or that looks like. I put it all out there. But I own that. I embrace it. I’m comfortable being me.”

LALove The Boss embodies the boldness and glamour of the Black woman. She’s resilient; she’s charismatic; she’s beautiful. But more importantly. She’s a businesswoman.

“LALove The Boss is a businesswoman. So when you do business with me. Just know it’s all about business. So, to the ladies out there. Don’t compromise. You don’t have to give up something for anything. I’m comfortable being sexy. That’s part of my image. But I won’t exchange my sexy for anything.”

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LALove The Boss
LALove The Boss

Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.