Lo Village “Lost In America”

Maryland based rap trio, Lo Village, is back with their new project Lost In America – EP. Released on Jan. 22nd, Lost in America finds Lo Village taking a new focused direction with their lyrical content and expressing the plights and harsh realities of being Black in America.

Consisting of members Kane, Ama, and Charles Tyler, Lo Village has been dropping projects consistently since 2016. They found their original sound that fuses rap, r&b, and electronica music with past projects including 2016’s Last Summer, 2017’s For The Birds and 2019’s It Takes A Village – EP. Their track “Lil Mama” was featured in HBO’s Insecure Season 4. And now with their latest release, they come as poignant as ever.

Produced by frequent collaborator, Frankie Scoca, the track “Terry Crews” finds Lo Village determining who’s really ride or die over an underwater synth and hard 808 beat. They’d rather not deal with those who pose and fake their way through life as they sing on the hook,

 “You ain’t doin’ shit for me, you could bounce /You could find your own way outta here /You ain’t really for the squad, what you ’bout? /The money not gon’ save you.”

On the title track “Lost In America”, also produced by Frankie Scoca, Kane and Charles Tyler both begin their verses with “Knee in my back I cannot breathe but I’m still livin.” With lyrics alluding to the murder of George Floyd and photos of Breonna Taylor shown in the music video, Lo Village expresses the loss of those beautiful Black lives and the loss of America’s ways. Ama sings in the hook,

“Too many real ni**as not enough soldiers /All the history lost in America /Step out of line they assassinate your character /mama’s gun shoot just like Erykah’

 Featuring a black and white portrait of Lo Village member, Ama, the Lost In America cover art, alone, set the tone for this 15 minute EP. That tone being an unfiltered and honest expression of the Black American. Along with their unique sound, sharp lyrics and a handful of rap references, Lo Village’s Lost In America – EP is one stellar project from one stellar trio.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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