Enny, London’s Newest Lyricist Drops New Video “Same Old”

Enny, London’s Newest Lyricist Drops New Video “Same Old”

Yearning for something new, London based rapper, Enny, drops the latest visuals for her single, “Same Old.” Walking down a neighborhood street in London, Enny raps to the camera with poise but her lyrics beg for change.

Born and raised in South London, Enny started to release music professionally in 2020. Lucky for her, her single “He’s Not That Into You” caught the attention of fellow London artist, Jorja Smith, and was quickly signed to Jorja’s label, FAMM. A few months later, Enny released her biggest song to date, “Peng Black Girls” which Jorja happily blessed with a remix and since then, her career has been catching the attention of many fans around the UK. Coming off the biggest year of her life, Enny still has plenty to prove.

Produced by Miles Casper, Joe Beard and Paya, Enny raps over boom bap drums and a heavy bass line on Same Old. The openness of the production lets her lyrics breathe and gives the listeners a chance to catch every lyrical gem. She’s tired of gentrification ruining her neighborhood, she’s tired of rap frauds flooding the industry and she’s tired of hiding her emotions, but the snakes in the grass can’t tempt her. She ends the track with optimism,

“But now we pop champagne in celebration / I’m drugged up on the elation / I got tired of being patient / I saw truth and had to face it / I knew then that I could make it out”

In an interview with i-D, she claims at age 14, she fell in love with J. Cole’s artistry and became obsessed. With a style of lyricism that is conversational and always truthful, J. Cole seems to have had a major influence on her music. Whether an artist is from Fayetteville North Carolina or South London, true artistry will reach to whoever is willing to listen and Enny is absolutely worth the listen.

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