Makiyah Bryant: 16 Year Old Fatally Shot By Police In Ohio

Makiyah Bryant

Makiyah Bryant: 16 Year Old Fatally Shot By Police In Ohio

On April 20th officers from the Columbus Police Department in Ohio were dispatched at 4:36pm for a call stating that a female was “trying to stab and put her hands on them.” The officers arrived at 4:44.

Police body cam footage shows the chaotic scene in which an officer exits his car at the scene of what looks to be a small group of people engaged in a heated argument. He approaches a female bystander, and soon-to-be victim, next to a car parked halfway in the driveway while quickly asking her twice “what’s going on?”

Before he can finish asking, a woman begins frantically escaping the 15 year old, who appears to be throwing her arm in a stabbing motion at the escaper as she falls to the ground in front of the officer who immediately yells “Hey, hey, hey,” and begins to command “get down” no less than four times in rapid succession.

The officer’s body cam turns slightly as he draws his sidearm. The teenager, clearly not complying, appears to swipe again at the woman on the ground just before an unknown male kicks the victim in the back of her head as the teen lunges toward the female the officer originally began questioning while attacking her in the same fashion. 

The unfortunate action ends with the deceased laying on the ground, breathing heavily from the effects of four bullets fired by the officer. While it is unclear if anyone else was injured in the incident, police stated that the young woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

In a twisted instance of irony, the catastrophe played out at the very same time the verdict of the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd was being announced.

Interim Police Chief Michael Woods stated at a news conference that Ohio state law allows the use of deadly force to protect themselves and others and that investigators would determine if the fatal shooting falls under that umbrella. An object resembling a kitchen knife can be seen in her hand during the attack and laying on the ground next to her after the shooting.

The tragic incident is under criminal investigation and will be followed by an administrative review of the actions of the officer. More details are sure to emerge in the coming weeks. Rest In Peace to Makiyah Bryant.

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Author: Frank Levert