MarcLo Brings A Unique Sound Of R&B With EP “Premonitions”

Premonitions by MarcLo has everything you want in an album. Starting off with “All Time High,” listeners are immediately on their feet. A song meant for the radio, it’s upbeat and fun while showcasing an impressive vocal range. Having written songs for Chris Brown, Maroon 5, and others, you can see the similarities in style and sound and the deviation as he moves in an exciting new direction.

Using voice effects and beats in a way that adds to his talents, we move into “Break the Sky,” which maintains the same upbeat tone but slower. This album doesn’t capture a consecutive story but holds onto a feeling of connection. “Break the Sky” is playful and short at only a minute thirty; it acts as an interlude.

“Belong” is dreamier than the rest. Reminiscent of a nighttime haze, it shows taking it slow with someone. Appropriately, the song itself takes on a slower tone with a lower pitch. This adds to the desire to want something more without the urgency of needing it.

This makes the transition to “Get Right” that much easier. This track feels underrated. Repetitive but catchy, it gets in your head in the best way. Marco’s voice is very versatile and can take on many different tones and genres. A perfect example of this is the album containing what could be radio hits coupled with festival sounds and underground concert venues. Hip hop and R&B, his potential is endless and the production immaculate.

“Whatever You Like” brings sexiness to the album. A pulse beats in this short track, and you find your head nodding to it before you realize. Similar to “Break The Sky,” it feels transitional, intentional, and well placed.

Moving to the heart of the album, “Legacy” finally allows us to see Marco’s perspective. We’ve been looking through his relationships and finally get to what drives him. It’s a build-up worth waiting for. He gives a part of himself without revealing too much. It makes you want to hear more of what he has to say.  

“Until Then” is simultaneously the first long track and the conclusion. What I personally found to be my favorite; I am almost proud of the progression. MarcLo shows that he can do it all, be what mainstream media needs him to be while bringing something unique to the table. The album builds on itself with each song and concludes with an incredible track that you know isn’t even his best. Listeners better watch out; he’s only going to get bigger from here.

Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.