Master P Wants 5/20 To Be Cannabis Freedom Day

Master P Wants 5/20 To Be Cannabis Freedom Day

April 20th, or 420, has been known as the International day of celebration for weed-smokers since the mid-nineties. Beginning as the time of day when a group of random smokers would meet up to chief up, the code created a wave that rolls ’til this day, the date is now acknowledged by the mainstream and counter-culture alike.

2021 is different as recreational cannabis use is being decriminalized and even legalized at an unprecedented rate. Over half of American states now allow, or at least don’t enforce minor instances of the use of medicinal and recreational smoke and New Orlean’s own, Master P is determined to make May 20th, or 520, a date to celebrate freedom and cultivate a change in legislature.

“Cannabis legalization has become more and more widespread, over 60,000 cannabis-related convictions have been reduced or fully dismissed in California, where cannabis is legal.” Said Master P in a press statement. “As of 2021, 34 states have decriminalized cannabis, eliminating the risk of jail time for possession of small amounts. In states where cannabis is still illegal, a person arrested for cannabis can end up with a permanent criminal record, which can strip them of various essential opportunities like employment, housing, financial aid and even child custody.”

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The millennial-focused movement is committed to battling the injustice of those who have suffered from criminal convictions and are still facing the same consequences in a world where they would not be subject to the same charges. In conjunction with the Last Prisoner Project, Percy Miller is doing the work to support the millions of people arrested for low-level cannabis related offenses in the last decade.

P also added insight to the origin of the new age time and date recognized by cannabis users, revealing that 5/20 is slang for “exotic cannabis” in and around New Orleans. So while we smokin’ that basic at 4:20, the cool kids are waiting an hour to light the Za. Master P also adds, “May 20th is also Busta Rhymes’ birthday so we gonna do some things together too.”

Whether it’s your birthday or not, no matter what you smoke on, if you smoke then there is probably no day or time that holds you back from lighting up so if you celebrate 4/20, start to think about 5/20 and celebrate as you usually would while appreciating that it wasn’t always as accepted. People used to get thrown under the jail for what you freely enjoy today. Never forget that.

Author: Frank Levert