Master P’s Son Chooses Tennessee State Over Multiple Division 1 Schools

Rap Mogul Master P has played in the NBA and already has a son who has been on the big stage at USC. This time around, his son Hercy Miller made a huge decision to play basketball at Tennessee State University.

Hercy has declined a plethora of major basketball programs like Vanderbilt, Louisiana State University, UCLA, and many others. Lately, there has been a pattern of black high-profile athletes choosing HBCUs over popular colleges and universities.

“I want to be a leader and a dream of mine and a goal of mine is to change the narrative,” Miller explained. “I want to show people you don’t have to go to one of these big schools, Power Five conference schools, just to be great. There are a lot of great people who came out of HBCUs or mid-major schools. I want to be the next one.”

TSU has proven to be just as prevalent as any other major university with alumni like Oprah Winfrey, Rob Covington(Portland Trail Blazers), and Ja Morant(Memphis Grizzlies). “He had a lot of big schools on the table — Vanderbilt, LSU, USC, UCLA — and I said, ‘Son, this is all your decision; you’ve got to live with whatever you do,” Master P stated. “I think this is bigger than just going to a school and bigger than basketball. What Hercy is doing is going to change the game and I think a lot of great players are going to want to go to HBCUs.”

High-profile athletes choosing HBCUs isn’t a new thing in sports, but as of lately, more and more major talented athletes are making the switch. Last Summer 6-foot-11  East African high school basketball sensation Makur Maker chose Howard University over powerhouses like Kentucky, UCLA, and Memphis.

Author: Site Editor