Mavi Debuts His Latest Project “End Of The Earth-EP” While Attending Howard University

Mavi has been releasing music while he’s been attending Howard University. His latest project, “End Of The Earth – EP,” is bite-size but is filled with plenty of flavors.

North Carolina wordsmith, Mavi, has released his latest project, “End Of The Earth – EP.” With cover art heavily inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Where The Sidewalk Ends, it’s clear that Mavi isn’t just a rapper: he’s a poet. At four tracks and 14 minutes long, this EP is bite-size but is filled with plenty of flavors.

Hailing from Charlotte, Mavi has had a steady come-up these past few years. He first gained recognition after featuring on Earl Sweatshirt’s 2019 album “FEET OF CLAY.” Earl returned the favor by producing the track Sense on Mavi’s debut album, “Let The Sun Talk,” that same year. Not to mention, Mavi has been releasing music while attending Howard University, where he’s currently enrolled.

The 21-year-old clearly is dedicated, and it shows in his newest EP. Upon the release of “End Of The Earth,” Mavi took to IG and said, “END OF THE EARTH is about me not letting the shit I can’t control destroy me, and not allowing what I lack to define me.”

Off the track “Time Travel,” Mavi raps of life’s pain but still lives by those aforementioned words. He doesn’t let his pain control him. Instead, he looks at the pain as a form of love.

“Ain’t nothin but a little character what that pain prove? / this that love from an awkward angle / Cracks in my family like ceramics and commandments too / But if you touch my chain then you’ll perish like Thor hammer too.

With such dense lyrics, Mavi’s music cannot be fully comprehended with just one listen and that goes with this newest EP. Completely creating his own path, if Mavi has reached the end of the Earth, he can only go up from here.

Check out “End Of The Earth – EP” below and stay connected to DaCultureReport for more independent music.

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