Memphis Woman Shot Inside A Burger King Drive Thru; Angry Over Wait Time

Memphis police are in search of a woman who was caught on camera shooting at Burger King employees after having to wait too long in the drive-thru for her order. Photos and videos have been released by the police and they are asking for the public’s help in locating the suspect.

According to the police, on Tuesday, March 30, a woman who became irate after waiting too long for her food at a local Burger King drive-thru on Winchester Road, grabbed a gun out of her vehicle before approaching the drive-thru window. She then began arguing with the employee and partially climbed through the drive-thru window and opened fired at the employees. The employees ran out the back door and no one was injured.

This is not the first time a shooting occurred at a Burger King restaurant over a customer who was irate over their food taking too long. On Saturday, August 1, a man shot and killed a Burger King employee in Orange County, Florida for a woman who got angry because her food was taking too long.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred around 7:30 pm at a Burger King on 7000 block of E. Colonial Drive, when a woman who was in line became angry about her food taking too long. She then got out of her vehicle and began yelling saying that she was going to have “her man” come to the restaurant.

After the employee refunded her the $40, she waited in the parking lot in her black sedan and then drove away. Minutes later she returned with a man named Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, driving a white truck who was pressuring Joshua to fight him.

A witness who intervened to stop the fight managed to pull Tormes who had Joshua in a headlock while choking him off Joshua. Tormes, 37, then went to his truck, grabbed his gun and told Joshua that he had two seconds before he shot him. Upon the deputy’s arrival, Desmond Armond Joshua, was found in the parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound.

Unfortunately, the 22-year-old who just started working at the establishment did not make it.

Following Joshua’s death Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, destruction of evidence and possession of a firearm by a felon. Days later the woman involved in the murder named Ashley Mason, 31, was arrested and charged with principal to first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Author: Tamara Anderson
Tamara Anderson is a freelance writer in the Chicagoland area. She has featured articles in multiple entertainment and hip-hop media outlets.