MF DOOM Is Getting a Street Named After Him in New York

MF DOOM Is Getting a Street Named After Him in New York

Seven months after the announcement of MF DOOM’s passing, the late great rapper will soon receive a street named after him in Long Beach, NY. After a petition started by an old classmate of DOOM’s, the City of Long Beach council approved the request to rename the East Hudson Street block between Riverside Boulevard and Long Beach Road “KMD-MF DOOM Way.” The illusive man will now become the immortal man.

Dr. Peter Graham is the one who created the petition and in an interview with Hip Hop DX, he spoke on the legacy of DOOM and the new street.

“I’m just happy this is happening because it’s not only a victory for Dumile’s legacy, but it’s also about showing that community our generation. It is a way for people to see a symbol of our generation and our impact, particularly in a community that’s gentrifying pretty fast.”

When asked what DOOM would’ve thought about having a street named after him, Dr. Peter Graham laughed and said “I think he would want to put a mask on the sign and hide still. I think he would eventually understand it is not just about him, but it’s about a legacy of Hip Hop that city must recognize and know had a great influence on the young people who grew up there.”

MF DOOM’s influence on hip hop is incalculable. Generations of artists will come through with rule-breaking ideas and without the door first opened by DOOM, that door might still be shut. Everything from his rap style to the multiple characters he created, DOOM himself will not only be immortal but his influence will be too.

Check out the official petition below and stay connected to DaCultureReport for all things hip hop.

“KMD-MF DOOM Way” Renaming the Street Official Petition 

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