Morray Continues Hot Streak With Latest Release “Big Decisions”

Continuing his latest hot streak, Fayetteville NC native, Morray, is back with some more heat. With matching visuals, “Big Decisions,” is the newest release from the Pick Six Records signee. Since the release of his breakout track, “Quicksand.” Morray has seen his life change over the past few months. Receiving co-signs from fellow NC rappers J. Cole and DaBaby. And being featured on Spotify’s Rap Caviar and Apple Music’s Rap Life playlists.

The release of his track, “Dreamland,” in December proved he wouldn’t crack under pressure, and now with the release of “Big Decisions,” Morray is proving that he’s here to stay.

On “Dreamland,” Morray raps flawlessly about the lows that came with growing up the way he did. But this time around. On “Big Decisions,” Morray raps about the lows that come with the success that he’s earned. With a few dollars in his pocket and some serious recognition, paranoia about backstabbing friends seeps through his lyrics.

“Gotta pick my friends better ’cause they ‘posed to lift me up /I shouldn’t think about you first if somebody would set me up /When you a thug, you ain’t supposed to feel but that would fuck me up /That you can devise a plan that can possible fuck me up.”

Surrounded by loved ones in the music video, Morray reminds us where his real focus lies. He sings in the hook,

“I’m tryna do everything the right way /But the wrong way so damn inviting /I got a family to feed, I got a family to feed /I got a family with needs.”

Temptations are what makes us human, and Morray is no exception. As an artist and a man. Morray seems to have his priorities straight, but the wrong distractions can be dangerous. The honesty in his lyrics is what makes “Big Decisions,” the easiest decision to keep in your rotation.

If you ready for more heat from Morray. It might arrive in the form of a G Herbo collaboration. Photos of Morray and the Chicago rapper were recently posted. Which lead to the speculation that we could see Morray and G Herbo collaboration in the future.

Stay locked in with DaCultureReport to find out.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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