Malcolm & Marie; Netflix’s Original Film

Malcolm & Marie starring John David Washington and Zendaya. At first look at the new film, one might take away that this film is about two people in a toxic relationship fighting for nearly two hours straight.
In many instances, that synopsis would be perfectly valid. Other viewers may take a deeper dive into the complexities of the characters, their whirlwind of a relationship, and unpack the significance of two flawed individuals who are in love. And coming to terms with their flaws head-on.

That synopsis would also be perfectly valid. One thing that is for certain. This movie brings the ugly underlying, unspoken tensions in a relationship to the forefront. It takes the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

After debuting his latest film at an important movie premier, filmmaker Malcolm and his girlfriend, Maire, return to their condo to unwind. Malcolm is clearly in his own world and excited about the event.
Malcolm comes face to face with reality when Marie confronts him with her frustrations about how she has been treated throughout their relationship. This sparks an intense battle between the two. With each firing verbal insults at one another. Arguments turn into different arguments as fresh layers are unveiled with each fight.

The two argue hard, but they make up even harder. It’s a back and forth tug-a-war of fighting and loving. Many viewers have complained about the lack of resolve in the movie. Once again, in many ways, depending on how you look at it, that conclusion can be valid. So, what can one take away from this movie?

The biggest lessons are the importance of communication, the act of truly being selfless in a relationship by being emotionally present for your partner, and lastly, making sure that issues do not lay
dormant until they explode.

Malcolm & Marie is currently available on Netflix.

Author: David "SouloMind" Ellis
David “SouloMind” Ellis is an entertainment vlogger and freelance journalist from Detroit, Michigan. Through several media platforms, David has shared an array of music news and history with his engaging and enjoyable digital content. David currently hosts a digital show titled, “The Spotlight” on Relationship Entertainment Television.