Night Lovell Is Back To Haunt The Rap Game With “Counting Down The List.”

Canada’s own Night Lovell is back to haunt the rap game with his newest track, “Counting Down The List.” The 23-year-old and G59 Records signee has been giving his fans goosebumps with his horror-Esque music the past few years, and his newest release continues that tradition.

Night Lovell’s name originated because he only creates music at night, and his past projects have reflected that creative decision. His first project, “Concept Vague,” dropped in 2014, “Red Vague Melody,” in 2016, and his latest project, “Goodnight Lovell,” in 2019. With his music videos on Youtube accumulating over 20 Million views. And after being nominated for a JUNO award, Night Lovell has been on a steady come up using his nocturnal ways.

Produced by Shaq France, the beat for “Counting Down The List” is layered in sounds that’ll make you sleep with the lights on. Chilling piano keys and a looping screech effect only compliment Night Lovell’s deep chilling voice. He raps as if he’s trapped in a nightmare with lyrics that revolve around death, lust, and betrayal.

“Boss shit / I don’t check in, just know I’m at the top, bitch / I fucked that bitch and now she tellin me she nauseous / I cut that ni**a into pieces cause I lost it.”


— ZEZIMA (@nightlovell) February 5, 2021

Repping Ottawa, Canada, Night Lovell is from a city that isn’t necessarily known for hip hop. With no expectations or regional sound to follow, his horror-Esque music is his to claim as his own. “Counting Down The List” will be featured on his future unannounced project, and I’ve never been more excited (and scared) to hear more.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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