Oogie ‘Somehow It Makes Sense’

Somehow It Makes Sense (SIMS), oogie

More new talent is coming out of the UK and the latest artist is oogie. Recently dropping his debut project Somehow It Makes Sense (SIMS), oogie raps over an array of sounds that can be defined as rap-ish. With a voice completely of his own, he is the UK’s newest rap oddity.

Not much is known about oogie. He is from South London, he is signed with the London based independent label, Trapdoor Records, and he likes wearing hoodies tied up tight. Before SIMS dropped, he released a series of singles that gave his fans a taste of what he was cookin up before the main SIMS entree.

The project’s lead single and standout track, “try” is where oogie’s whining-like rap style is showcased over spacious wavy production. Drama and more drama takes over his life. He tries to reach out to resolve issues that stir up amongst family, but just like the loop of this beat, he hears the same response. Oogie reflects on his feelings as he raps,

Pedallin medicine, oogie a pharmacist // he does the bulletin, but ain’t no journalist // still this is miniscule, minimal, pitiful // that you, still can’t, see the f**kin real sh*t

On the track “DRILLERS,” oogie flips the tone and brings a latin twist to the project. Trumpets and uptempo piano chords flair up the track. Oogie raps on the hook,

Don’t fuck about dance hall drillers in the house // They won’t hesitate to make uh huh uh huh // Don’t fuck about dance hall drillers in the house // They won’t hesitate to make a sound

Oogie’s Somehow It Makes Sense (SIMS) is an impressive debut into the rap game. With a fresh style and the courage to rap over any tempo and any genre, oogie has more than enough originality to become the UK’s next best thing.

Check out the project and the official music video for “try” below. Stay connected to DaCultureReport for more independent hip hop.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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