OTF Release King Von’s Posthumous Video To “Wayne’s Story”

Even in death, King Von’s music and vision live on. “Wayne’s Story,” from Von’s platinum-selling debut album, “Welcome To O’Block,” is a testament to how talented the Chicago artist was.

Directed by Joan, “Wayne’s Story,” places the late rapper’s unique story-telling ability on full display. “It’s a story about a shorty and he just grew up bad,” Von tells Uproxx in one of his final interviews. “Shorty was trying to hit a lick and rob a guy named Wayne. Wayne sees him trying to rob him and they get in a shootout. Shorty gets away, but Wayne ends up killing shorty’s cousin. It’s just crazy,” Von says.

The posthumous release of “Wayne’s Story” is eerie. Von narrates his listeners through a detailed account of a 14-year-old stick-up kid. And what led to a shootout with Wayne.

“My young nigga, fourteen. He ridin’ round with the pole on ’em. See, shorty ’bout that life. Ain’t nan nigga finna go on ’em. We was on the block shootin’ dice. When some grown niggas just stole on ’em. He hopped up with that pole on ’em. He ain’t say nothin’, he just blowed on’em.”

Von’s unique unfiltered, and raw ability to tell a story is what set the Chicago rapper apart from his peers. King Von had plans to turn “Wayne’s Story” into a trilogy. Similar to how he constructed his three-part break-out hit, “Crazy Story.”

Von’s estate will continue to share unreleased music, videos, and interviews with fans. So it’s unclear if Von was able to complete the trilogy to “Wayne’s Story.” But either way… Long Live King Von.

Author: Ali Bouldin
Ali Bouldin is a freelance writer within the Black and Hip-Hop culture. With featured articles in multiple publications.