Pro Era Nyck Caution “Coat Check/Session 47”

Pro Era rapper Nyck Caution is back. This time in the form of a new video for his track “Coat Check / Session 47.” Coming off his debut album, “Anywhere But Here.” “Coat Check,” is the third track off the project to get a music video treatment.

All three directed by FAKEDELL, “How You Live With It” (feat. Joey Bada$) and “Product Of My Environment” (feat. Kota the Friend & Erick the Architect), follow narratives that shed their songs in a more cinematic light. But the visuals for “Coat Check / Session 47” find director FAKEDELL going for style points.

In the first “Coat Check” part of the track, Pro Era Nyck and guests dance and drop singles in a black and white filter while the film sweeps and flips like a rollercoaster. Nyck’s raps shine with wisdom from the 27-year-old man. He raps over the Canis Major flowing bassy beat,

“When the rain fall down, we gon all get wet/ When the day get rough, we gon solve these tests/ Life’s too short and we all be stressed/ But we still woke up so we all be blessed.”

The second “Session 47” part of the track is where Nyck’s raps cut deep. While the film flips to an inverted black and white filter, Nyck Caution is seen sitting on a therapist’s couch. He takes an introspective look at his life and holds nothing back. He raps,

“I got some family I worry about/ Starting to feel they worry bout me/ Way more than I be worried bout them/ Cause I keep everything buried beneath.”

Pro Era Nyck Caution has definitely been staying busy with this third video release. And his hard work has been paying off. His debut album, “Anywhere But Here,” is hitting #9 on Spotify’s Top 10 US Album Debuts.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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