Producer and Rapper Nemacis Ep “No More Waiting”

Coming straight from St. Paul, Minnesota. Hip hop artist and producer Nemacis releases his first solo EP titled “No More Waiting,” produced by Nemacis Produce Section Entertainment.

The EP is a few seconds short of 17 minutes and features five tracks, including the singles “U Gon’ Let Me” and “It’s Time.” Nemacis, aka Unconquered Rival, kicks off “No More Waiting” with the track titled “Branded” and “The Obvious” as the final track. Every song delivers a different vibe, a different sound, and a different flow. Nemacis uses his creative, unique, and articulate skills to deliver heavy-hitting
bars with strong cadences and catchy hooks over beats produced by the multi-talented artist himself.

The track “It’s Time” is the longest, with an instrumental intro where the emcee showcases his original and artistic work as a producer. Nemacis, originally from Chicago, is an independent, underground hip-hop artist, producer, and graphic designer in the twin cities. He is also the CEO and Founder of Nemacis Produce Section Entertainment, LLC.

Nemacis isn’t new to the hip hop industry. As an artist, he has released several Mixtapes such as “Industry Under Siege,” parts 1, 2, and 3, “Long Range,” and “Feel Good Muzik,” “RNS” (Real Nigga Shit), and “Nemacis Reloaded 1 and 2.”

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Author: Tamara Anderson
Tamara Anderson is a freelance writer in the Chicagoland area. She has featured articles in multiple entertainment and hip-hop media outlets.