Queen Naija Drops Sexy Revenge Music Video “Set Him Up (feat. Ari Lennox)”

Queen Naija Set Him Up Ari Lennox

Queen Naija Drops Sexy Revenge Music Video “Set Him Up (feat. Ari Lennox)”

Youtube star turned R&B sensation, Queen Naija, drops her sultry single/video “Set Him Up (feat. Ari Lennox).” In their first collaboration together, the two singers discover they’re with the same man and plan to get revenge in this storytelling bop.

Formerly known as Youtuber, Queen Sails, Queen Naija first gained fame from becoming a viral Youtube star in which she vlogged about her life with her former husband, Chris Sails. After a messy and public divorce in 2018, she put all of her energy into her music career.

Her biggest song to date, “Medicine,” which currently has 180+ Million views on Youtube, acted as her therapeutic expression of her past divorce. She has released a series of albums and EPs, and this latest single comes off of her new album Misunderstood…Still (Deluxe Edition).

Produced by Pat McManus, Boston and Mike Woods, Queen and Ari sing duet over groovy basslines and deep drums that compliment their sexy vocals. In a story that could only be told by these queens of R&B, the track acts as a conversation between Queen and Ari talking about their steamy nights with their individual men. When they discover they’re night was with the same man, they concoct a plan to meet him and squash his cheating ways. Amidst their discovery, Queen Naija and Ari Lennox sing,

“Do he got a tat’ on his neck that say “The realest”? / Do he got a room with a mirror on the ceiling? / Do he got an ex out West he used to deal with? (What?) / Girl, if your ni**a, is my ni**a, I’ma kill him now, ooh, ooh”

The official music video, directed by Val Vega, further portrays the song’s story of betrayal and revenge with a hyper stylized neon aesthetic. Reminiscent of early 2000s R&B, Set Him Up showcases Queen Naija and Ari Lennox as the new leaders of modern R&B.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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