Sibling of Rapper Uzzy Marcus Arrested For Double Murder Charge.

Raymond Michael Weber, 29, faces multiple counts of homicide after purportedly live-streaming himself carrying a firearm and demonstrating two ladies lying unmoving on the floor. Raymond, aka Zino, is the more established sibling of the neighborhood Sacramento rapper Marcus Weber, famous by the stage name Uzzy Marcus.

Police arrived at Vacaville, Ca., military lodging complex around 12:42 a.m. on Sunday. After multiple reports from neighbors that Raymond was inside the loft, live-streaming himself holding a gun. The video showed two women lying on the floor, not moving, the neighbor purportedly told police.

When officials showed up, Raymond — who was at that point wanted for multiple warrants for different crimes. Including battery and attack with a dangerous weapon — had blockaded himself inside the condo.

The SWAT team that was deployed to the scene was able to arrest Raymond. Investigators found the two ladies dead inside the loft. Their reason for death, name, and recognition are kept secret and not revealed by the officials. Neighbors who live in the complex were stunned to hear the passings’ information.

“It’s upsetting as it sounds,” a neighbor recognized as Morgan Gardener told the news station. Another neighbor, recognized as Eddie C., said: “We had no clue about something to that effect going on.”

Raymond was arrested by Sacramento police in 2014 for parole infringement regarding the homicide of his girlfriend, 19-year-old Nicole Duarte, as indicated by an official statement from the Sacramento Police Department.

Sacramento police said Raymond’s then-16-year-old sibling Antoine Weber was associated with killing Raymond’s girlfriend. They believe that Raymond was at the crime scene during that time.

Author: Site Editor