Snoop Dogg Joins Def Jam as Executive Creative & Strategic Consultant

Snoop Dogg Joins Def Jam as Executive Creative & Strategic Consultant

Def Jam is gaining a new employee and his name is Snoop D-O-Double-G. The announcement came in today that Snoop Dogg will be the label’s new “Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant.”

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— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) June 7, 2021

In this video announcement, Snoop shared his deep love for Def Jam’s history within hip hop music. He did this while also mentioning that he always dreamed of being on Def Jam as an artist but “then Death Row Records happened.”

Since the late 80s, Def Jam has always had groundbreaking talent on their roster. Many amazing artists on Def Jam have pushed and changed hip hop to new heights. Artists like LL Cool JJ, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Jay-Z, Redman, Ludacris, Rihanna, and the late DMX, to name a few.

Snoop intends to continue to push hip hop forward with his new position.

“I want to help the artists. Give them love, wisdom, guidance and understanding. And teach them tricks that I learned in the game. To diversify their portfolios, to not just be rappers, and not just be artists, but to be superstars…superheroes.”

He goes on by saying that he intends to bring new talent but also intends to revitalize past music as well.

“I’ll be going into the catalogue, revitalizing that and bringing back life stories on some of these great artists. I’ll also be bringing some new talent to the table. New producers, new artists, shit, fuck around and get a Snoop Dogg record –  you never know.”

Snoop Dogg has always been exceptional at mixing the old with the new. With his dream of being a part of Def Jam finally coming true, he now has the opportunity to make some real change and push the culture even further.

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Author: Grant Boyer
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