Stephen Curry Sets NBA Record with 85 3-pointers

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Sets NBA Record with 85 3-pointers in a Calendar Month

Stephen Curry, simply put, is an out-of-this-world, once-in-a-lifetime basketball player who provides a new definition to the phrase “alien bag”. The 6 ft 3 in, 185 lb Golden State Warriors point guard is single handedly responsible for changing the face and pace of play in the modern NBA and is apparently not finished making his case for the greatest player ever.

In April 2021, Chef Curry with the Shot sunk an astounding 85 3-point baskets, surpassing the previous 83 made by James Harden in November 2019 to secure him yet another NBA record with room to improve as he plays two more games this month at the time of this writing.

The Golden State Warriors are a franchise that has seen some flack in the past few seasons despite winning three of the last six NBA championships on five appearances. Big name departures alongside high profile injuries have left the team in a limbo in fans minds but Steph has been shooting as hot as he possibly can, keeping his team in position to possibly take on the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs.

The sizzling long distance shooting streak caps off this strong month of play from the 2 time MVP following his breaking of Kobe Bryant’s streak of 10 consecutive 30 point games, rewriting the history books in what is sure to go down as one of the best months of basketball ever.

Sitting at 85 on the month, how many more deep distance bombs do you think Stephen Curry can drop in 96 minutes of play and who would have the best chance of rivaling this dominant display?

Author: Frank Levert